Asbestos Consultancy and Project Management

At Front Line Asbestos Solutions we offer a wide range of asbestos consultancy and technical advice services. Whether it is emergency incident management, or the removal of asbestos materials from your property, we offer comprehensive professional support. This ensures your organisation and your employees are fully protected from any asbestos related hazards, and that you remain compliant to all relevant regulations and national WHS act’s.


We provide a fully inclusive project management service to cater to all your asbestos emergency situations, management of previously identified asbestos hazards and scheduled or upcoming removal works to ensure comprehensive management of asbestos materials on your site.

We will not only advise you of any legal requirements associated these works or hazards that may have arisen, but can extend our services to include the immediate clean-up of any asbestos debris. On your behalf, Front Line Asbestos Solutions can further undertake all your preliminary risk assessments, and development of safe removal or management plans, procedures and techniques.

These Procedures will then be added to your asbestos management plan to provide you with piece of mind, and to ensure the risk of asbestos exposure is minimised and complies with current regulations and WHS guidelines.

For your scheduled asbestos removal works, Front Line Asbestos Services can also facilitate all tasks associated with the initial scoping and quoting of these removals and the review of contract documentation.

Whilst offering these services we can guarantee the highest of asbestos removal standards are complied with, and that best value is achieved.

Front Line Asbestos Solutions will not only confirm the required air fibre monitoring is conducted, but also ensure that compliance to all state regulations and codes of practices are up help throughout all stages of these works. We will ensure all governing bodies are notified of the scheduled removal, as well as offering technical task specific information to your neighbouring properties and employees as the need may require.


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