Asbestos Register

At Front Line Asbestos Solutions we develop asbestos registers that are tailored to your specific needs in Adelaide. Section 425 of the WHS Regulations requires that all properties constructed up to 31 December 2003 are required to have an Asbestos Register created for the property. An asbestos register essentially is a document that lists all identified (or presumed) asbestos in a workplace. With this in mind, our asbestos register Adelaide specialists will take the time to discuss your personal needs for this document and tailor a specific format that best suits your site’s requirements.

Based on your specific requirements for this document Front Line Asbestos Solutions will advise you of not only your legal requirements for this document but also advise you on best practice to ensure you, your workers and contractors entering your site are fully protected.

Once your needs are fully understood, a strategic method for inspection will then be conducted. This may include the following:

  • Non- destructive full site inspection to identify ‘presumed’ asbestos materials within the workplace.
  • Full site inspection and sampling of any presumed asbestos materials within the workplace to either confirm or rule out any presume asbestos materials.
  • Destructive inspection of your workplace, including lifting floor coverings, penetrating walls, and ceilings, with any presumed asbestos materials sent for sample analysis. (This inspection IS required prior to any major refurbishments or demolition of your workplace).

Once inspection of your workplace has been undertaken a site-specific asbestos register will then be created. This register will then be provided to you in both a hard copy and with PDF copies sent through. For larger, more complex sites, you may wish to receive this document in a traditional format or have a database created.

This database will allow the nominated Adelaide asbestos register controller to use such tools as the filtering tool. This tool is beneficial for those whom would like to easily identify specific areas within the site, or be used as a tool to highlight and clearly identify items that are considered to be of high risk.

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